We love discovering nature, especially in places where there still is plenty of peace and quiet, and we do so by hiking, biking, running, or cross-country skiing.

We are convinced that Muránska planina (the Muráň Plain), the Predná hora mountain, and the Stolica mountains qualify as such places.

Seeing tiny log cabins scattered on the hill above the village of Muránska Zdychava on an early morning run, pedalling across Veľká Lúka revelling in the sun, or being the first early bird to create a track in fresh snow, cross-country skiing on top of Stolica - these are all experiences words can hardly do a justice...
 But we would still be more than happy to share them with you.

Our aim is to offer cozy accommodation that provides peace and quiet for people of a similar mindset.

And, hopefully, to share our experiences over a glass of wine in the winery we want to set up.

Welcome to our dream...

Libor, Jana, Marek and Števo
Apartments Planina.sk, Predná Hora